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USA Youth Tours is dedicated to providing students an enriching academic experience. Our talented staff has worked with our organization for many years and is looking forward to working alongside your athletes.

During the three week program, students will be immersed in English language and culture, helping to prepare them for future pursuits where these skills are highly desirable. TOEFL preparation and testing is an advanced course option, along with a host of other interests such as computer science, robotics and other STEM related programs.

Every week students will go on a field trip to reinforce the classroom learning, and practice skills hands-on.

Specialized Classes

International Students

English: This class will look at how the English language is used both informally, conversationally and how it is applied in school/business. Through this English emersion process students will amplify their skills and start preparing themselves for application at university or international business.

American Culture: This upbeat course takes a look at life in the US and how history and culture has shaped the approach and thoughts that influence American culture, behaviors and opinions.

Domestic Students

Conversational Foreign Language: We will fast track student campers to one language and culture at a conversational level so students are prepared with the basics necessary to travel and speak at a high-level.

International Business and Culture: Students will explore the norms and conventions of international business and travel from the cultural perspective, learning how to better assimilate when traveling or working overseas.

All Students

Computer Science: Study will include topics in animation, computer programming, robotics or coding.

Math and Engineering: Over the course of the program, students will be exposed to topics in math, applied sciences, and physics.

Optional Courses

Theatre Arts: Study the performing arts inside the the state of the art theatre at Yavapai College. Learn how to improve your dramatic skills and gain confidence in this great elective.

Sports: Choose from Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer or Tennis for great fun and team building opportunities.

Personal Support

Every student faces his or her own unique set of challenges in their academic progress. Our small group sizes will allow our faculty to provide additional support when needed. A high level of personal attention is a reality at USA Youth Tours. This is both a key to success of our student campers, and part of what makes us different. Whether you are an international student, or joining us from just a few miles away – our programs are sure to help you excel and grow in a whole new way.