Tips On Educational Trips To America

Taking an educational trip to America can be an exhilarating, life-changing experience. Spending time expanding your knowledge in the United States allows you to grow in more ways than one. Additionally, traveling to America through an educational trip provides a unique combination of formal learning, informal learning, fun and adventure. It can be exciting and [...]

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English Language Immersion Options For Students

English Language Immersion is no joke. Being surrounded by a language other than your native one can be overwhelming. But, it’s an incredible way to learn English in no time! There are many english language immersion options for students out there. Each type is sure to get you closer and closer to becoming fluent in [...]

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What To Expect At A Basketball Camp Abroad

If you’re considering attending a basketball camp abroad, you’re probably wondering what to expect! You may be asking yourself, will it be fun? Will it be more intense than I’m used to? How do I compare to other players from other countries? Sveva Zaveri knows exactly how you feel. She attended our camp four years [...]

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Top 5 Tips For Sending Students Abroad 

Sending your student abroad can be a scary and nerve-wrecking, yet exciting decision. Thinking about having your child not only outside of your arms reach, but outside of your country might send shivers up your spine. However, you know that sending your student abroad will be an incredible, life-changing experience for them. International travel develops [...]

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Traveling Using Educational Tours? 4 Tips To Know

Educational tours are a streamlined, efficient way for students and teachers to travel. Whether you’re looking to travel nationally or internationally, an educational tour can provide an incredible experience and an amazing community. Educational tour companies often have established presences in the countries they work in. They also have extensive knowledge about local laws, attractions [...]

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The Importance of Education to Youth Development

To be young is to be vibrant, curious and daring. Youth comes with challenges, too.  Living in our ever connected world, it’s important that young people develop the tools they need to overcome adversity and follow their dreams. Students need positive peer groups, caring adults, high self-esteem, and future aspirations to nurture their growth as [...]

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