Best American Summer Camps for 16 Year Olds

Many people look back on their time at summer camp fondly. They remember the friends they made, lessons they learned, and adventures they had. Summer camps can be particularly special to teenagers. Being able to spend a summer away from home during such a crucial developmental time is priceless. It helps teens develop social skills [...]

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3 Elite Youth Sports Camps

Looking for an elite youth sports camp? These camps provide safe, supportive environments for students to grow both on and off the court or field. Whether your goal is to become team captain, join a competitive sports league or play sports professionally, spending a summer at an elite youth sports camp can help you achieve [...]

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Summer Camp for International Students in USA

Attending summer camp in the United States is an experience international students generally never forget. Spending time away from home, immersed in American culture. Who wouldn’t love that? If you’ve been scouring the internet, typing summer camp for international students in USA into all of your favorite search engines, you should consider USA Youth Tours [...]

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4 Amazing USA Summer Camps for Youth

At summer camp, students can make lifelong memories, cultivate incredible friendships and discover new passions. Summer camps provide a safe place for students to explore, immerse themselves in nature and spend time growing and learning away from home. Spending a summer away from home is an amazing opportunity. And, spending a summer at camp in [...]

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Why You Should Attend a Summer Basketball Camp

Basketball camps are a great way to cultivate hand-eye coordination, leadership skills, and athleticism while having fun! Additionally, USA Youth Tours’ basketball camps allow students to have a variety of experiences and immerse themselves in American culture. Here’s a few reasons why you should attend a summer basketball camp: Build Bonds As part of the [...]

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Youth Volleyball Camps- How They Make You Better On and Off The Court

Volleyball is a beautiful sport. From powerful spikes to seamless bumping and passing, volleyball brings people of all ages and backgrounds together, uniting them in love for the game. Summertime is often the perfect time for young volleyball enthusiasts to work on their skills! Whether they’re working towards being team captain, making the varsity team, [...]

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The Benefits of Youth Summer Camps

Youth summer camps are a great opportunity for both parents and students to grow during some of the warmest months of the year. They allow parents to take a break from parenting. They also give kids the opportunity to embark on a new adventure away from home! The benefits of these camps are endless. From [...]

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What To Expect At A Basketball Camp Abroad

If you’re considering attending a basketball camp abroad, you’re probably wondering what to expect! You may be asking yourself, will it be fun? Will it be more intense than I’m used to? How do I compare to other players from other countries? Sveva Zaveri knows exactly how you feel. She attended our camp four years [...]

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