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Our Staff

Peter Ezugwu | Founder and CEO

Peter has been involved with youth programs for the last 20 years. He is a creative visionary with an expansive view of the world and an avid believer in creating opportunities for our children. As a successful community leader Peter has been responsible for developing and leading youth enrichment organizations that have provided guidance and mentorship for over 10,000 children. Prior his business and entrepreneurial endeavors, Peter played professional basketball for 13 years across Europe and South America. During his career he lived in Italy, Spain, France, Argentina and Bosnia. Peter speaks 5 languages and has used his international leverage to create opportunities for children across the globe. Peter has his BS in Political Science from Eastern Michigan University.

Giovanni Setti | European Director & Vice Director of Global Operations

Giovanni is a resident of Bologna, Italy. Married to Daniela with two children, Riccardo (22) and Alessandro (15), he has been playing basketball since 1983. Giovanni played professionally until he was 38, and non-professionally for another 2 years, until the age of 40.  He has coached the “Virtus Bologna” under 19 team, and now coaches the “Happy Basket Castel Maggiore”. In the off-season, Giovanni works with professional players that want to stay in shape and improve their fundamentals. His greatest passion is to pass onto young players the great love he has for the game of basketball.

Ryan Knight | Executive Leader & Owner

Ryan and his family founded and built Arizona Sports Complex, located in Glendale, Arizona, in 2005, as a way to bring the community together under a united love of sports. Ryan knows first-hand the value of recreational sports in childhood development from his own experiences participating in sports at a very young age. For years, Arizona Sports Complex (ASC) has provided a place for kids and adults of all ages to come learn valuable life skills and cultivate their love of indoor soccer. In 2016, ASC joined forces with Future Stars International to expand and provide additional quality sports program offerings, including volleyball and basketball. Ryan is excited to further expand their international reach to student camps with USA Youth Tours.

Justin Sayban | Manager

Justin Sayban is General Manager of Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, Arizona. Justin first started his career in recreational sports back in 2001 at the age of 14 at a local roller hockey rink, and because of his positive experiences throughout his time working in the industry, and enjoying participation in sports throughout his life, Justin has made it his mission to provide quality programs of sports and other activities to improve the the lives of the participants and their community. With USA Youth Tours, Justin plans to use his expertise in program organization and administration to facilitate the operations of USA Youth Tours, so that every participant has a memorable and life changing experience.

Stacy Stanelli | VP of Global Operations

Stacy has always been a leader in our community. Her passion to make a difference is selfless and relentless. Her roles as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, life coach, business leader and community advocate define her as a person. She has personally spearheaded many youth Leadership and Mentorship programs, and is passionate about the creation of Anti-Bullying campaigns. She has almost 20 years of experience in the corporate realm of business, Project Management and IT Business Analytics this also has given her the skill set to lead many projects and people throughout her career. She is also very involved in ensuring we have strong safety policies and guidelines for our staff and student campers so that everyone can have the best summer experience possible.

Nicole Spracale | US & International Project Manager

Nicole has an extensive business and project management background spanning operations, marketing and human resources. Her expertise is in creating the systems and infrastructure necessary to make programs run smoothly for all those involved. Fanatic about the experience of all those involved, she works to create a great experience before the camp begins that make everyone feel excited and comfortable – and the tools to ensure our staff is able to focus 100% on the students instead of worrying about administrative details during the program.