English Language Immersion Options For Students

English Language Immersion is no joke. Being surrounded by a language other than your native one can be overwhelming. But, it’s an incredible way to learn English in no time! There are many english language immersion options for students out there. Each type is sure to get you closer and closer to becoming fluent in English.

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs allow students to immerse themselves in the English language. As they study, attend classes, make friends and engage with their environment, students studying abroad hear and speak English regularly. Over time, ordering coffee at the local spot on campus becomes second nature!

Study abroad programs typically allow college students to take classes at a university abroad while earning credits towards their degree. Students can study abroad for different lengths of time, from one week to one year.

Another advantage of studying abroad for English Language Immersion is your learning can be enhanced by language courses at the university. This option is ideal for college students looking to see the world and get an in-depth, all-encompassing language learning experience.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, USA Youth Tours can help. We offer VISA application services and assistance with placement at high schools, community college and universities in the United States. Additionally, we can help you find amazing host families to live with during your stay!

Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs can skyrocket your English skills, taking you from a beginners level to nearly fluent, depending on the length of the program. These programs are popular among high school students drawn to the idea of spending time living abroad and immersing themselves in another culture before college.

Often times, students stay with a host family, providing a unique language immersion experience. When students participate in an exchange program, they learn to speak English through their day to day interactions with their peers, host family and community.

Sports Camp

You may be wondering how a sports camp can be an English Language Immersion Experience. But, when you attend a sports camp in the United States, you will be immersed in the English language both on and off the court.

At USA Youth Tours’ Elite Basketball Camp, players stay with American host families. Through this experience, they get to learn about what it’s like to live in the United States and speak English with their local family. Our players also take a well deserved break from basketball to travel to Disneyland and the beautiful beaches of California. Language immersion is about more than just learning to speak. It’s about being immersed in the traditions, cultures and sites of the country. Our players immerse themselves  on all of these levels, leaving the camp as more cultured, knowledgeable individuals.

Summer Camp

You can be immersed in the English language by attending a summer camp in the United States. Whether you spend a few weeks or your entire summer abroad, you will return with more confidence speaking English. Summer camps are a great English Language Immersion option for students. They have so much fun interacting with their peers and making friends. Often, they aren’t even aware they’re learning English! Sometimes people learn the most when they don’t realize they’re being taught!

USA Youth Tours’ summer camp allows students to laugh, play and learn in an experience they’ll never forget. Students can tailor their experience to focus on basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, advanced English or advanced computer science. We partner with Yavapai College in Northern Arizona to provide academic work including TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) prep. We would love the opportunity to give your more information about our basketball and summer camps. Contact us today to learn more about how our programs can help you reach your English language goals!

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