English Language Summer Camp- Why It’s a Great Way to Learn English

Attending an English language summer camp gives students from all over the world the ability to learn English in a fun, safe and educational setting. Learning a language in school is one thing. Learning a language in a non-school setting surrounded by native English speakers is a completely different experience.

Studies show that students often learn more, faster by immersing themselves in a new language and culture when compared to strictly classroom learning.

If you’re serious about learning English, you should consider attending an english language summer camp. Here’s why:

You’ll Learn from Native English Speakers

In a classroom setting, the teacher is often the only person fluent in the language being taught. At an english language summer camp, students get the benefit of being surrounded by native English speakers. They don’t have to rely solely on their interaction with the teacher to learn.

The camp’s staff and other campers are great resources for students learning the language. Their pronunciation and understanding of the language can grow from hearing it spoken around them consistently.

You’ll Can Immerse Yourself in the Culture

English language summer camps all students to immerse themselves in a new culture. Culture and language go hand in hand. In many language classes, students learn about American culture through their textbooks. But, being able to learn English at a summer camp in the United States lets students witness, experience and immerse themselves in the culture first hand.

From eating iconic American foods, to engaging in other aspects of the culture such as playing sports and visiting popular landmarks, students can get excited about the language they’re learning and the culture associated with it.

You Can Learn in a Hands-On Way

Spending time at an English language summer camp teaches students English in a hands-on way. The immersive experience teaches students the language in both traditional settings, like the classroom, and nontraditional settings, like on the basketball and volleyball courts.

At other summer camps, students may speak English in the classroom. But, as soon as they step outside, they go right back to speaking their native languages. At an English language summer camp, speaking and practicing English happens constantly inside and outside of the classroom.

How to Find an English Language Summer Camp

You can find great English language summer camps through a quick online search. However, USA Youth Tours’ well established global program is the best of the best. Students love coming to our camps summer after summer because they truly get the whole package: the ability to laugh, play and learn at the same time.

Our camp offers amazing cultural opportunities for students. They can choose from one of six focus areas to tailor their camp experience to their interests. Focus areas include basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, advanced English and advanced computer science. Regardless of what focus area they choose, students will be immersed in the English language and come away from the three-week camp with a better understanding of the language and of American culture.

We’d love to give you more information about this incredible opportunity. Contact us today and one of our specialists will reach out to you. Get ready for an action-packed educational adventure!

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