What To Expect At A Basketball Camp Abroad

If you’re considering attending a basketball camp abroad, you’re probably wondering what to expect!

You may be asking yourself, will it be fun? Will it be more intense than I’m used to? How do I compare to other players from other countries?

Sveva Zaveri knows exactly how you feel. She attended our camp four years in a row, intending to improve her English and her basketball skills.

She got even more than she expected! Sveva said she loved traveling around Arizona every summer. USA Youth Tours summer camp changed her life completely! She now attends Arizona State University after falling in love with it during her visit with USA Youth Tours’ summer camp. You can watch more of her story below!

Just like Sveva, in choosing to attend a basketball camp abroad, you are in for an incredible fun-filled adventure!

Here’s a few things you should know about what to expect at a basketball camp abroad.

Expect to be challenged

You should expect to be challenged in more ways than one at a basketball camp abroad. While basketball is a global sport, you may find your basketball skills tested when you play in another country. From learning to communicate with your teammates, to adjusting to different styles of play, you will inevitably grow as a basketball player at a camp abroad.

Attending a basketball camp abroad can also be challenging because you’re learning constantly, both on and off the court. You’ll be immersed in a whole new culture with people of all different backgrounds. Being challenged in this way will mold you into a better player, by teaching you how to connect and play with all kinds of people and strengthen your teamwork and collaboration skills.

Expect to learn more than basketball

When you hear the term “basketball camp,” you may picture a schedule of basketball drills and games around the clock. The truth is, basketball camps abroad don’t all focus exclusively on basketball.

Our USA Youth Tours camp includes rigorous athletics, engaging academics and exciting trips! On any given day you can expect to grow physically, culturally and academically. A typical schedule for our campers includes breakfast and morning breakout sessions, followed by a computer science and animation class. Next, students may spend several hours focusing on their basketball skills before eating dinner and participating in a team building camp fire. You will grow as more than just a basketball player when you attend a basketball camp abroad. You will becoming a more knowledgeable, more cultured, more well-rounded individual too.

Expect to build amazing friendships

There’s nothing like celebrating with your team after a perfectly executed play on the court. It’s in these moments that strangers become teammates. Then, teammates become friends and friends become family. Sveva said she met some of her best friends during her time at USA Youth Tours summer camp. However, her story is not an unusual one. Our camps feature team building activities on and off the court. You won’t be alone or feel left out at our camp! Our team of passionate staff members want you to have an amazing experience. They know each camper by name. USA Youth Tours’ accomplished team will coach and challenge you to be your best.

We would love to connect with you and give you more information about our programs for youth. We offer a summer camp for youth ages 10 to 20. In addition, more serious basketball players can participate in our Elite Basketball Camp, featuring high level training from former pros. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your game to the next level.

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