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Frequently Asked Questions

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034 1-(602)-273-3300
Your child will constantly be supervised by the staff from USA Youth Tours. Our staff counselors are trusted employees who will do the best to ensure your child’s safety. Extensive policies and guidelines will be explained to the students and will be followed at all times throughout the program.
You should provide flight itinerary and any pertinent information to USA Youth Tours prior to their departure. USA Youth Tours will pickup and drop-off children to and from the airport (in the U.S.).
We have made an extensive list of What To Pack for parents and children to refer to.
Visa requirements differ depending on which country you are entering from. However, your child will definitely need a passport, summer camp documentation, and if your child is a minor, a letter from the parents and airline stating your child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor. Additionally, make sure your children have up-to-date immunization records and medical documentation for prescription medications if applicable.
Medical insurance coverage is required. Please verify with you current policy that your child is covered when traveling out of state (if you are domestic camper) or out of the country (if you are an international camper). If you do not have eligible coverage, we can provide you with the names of programs for temporary travel insurance plans.
No, it is not required for parents/guardians to fly with their child. However, if you feel more comfortable being with your child until pick-up, you are welcome to schedule flights to accompany them to and from Phoenix. We do ask that campers drive with us to the camp at the start of the program so they can begin to build relationships with their fellow students. Parents who wish to pick up students from Phoenix at the end of the program can discuss those arrangements with USA Youth Tours directly.
In case of emergency, a member of the USA Youth Tours will accompany your child to receive care, and then contact you and ensure you are kept up-to-date.
We will make every effort to help put you in touch with the families of other children traveling from your home town, and those of surrounding areas, so your children can travel together in a group.
USA Youth Tours is very rigorous in the selection and training of our staff that will work directly with your students. We conduct background checks and reference checks on staff, and everyone who works with our youth has at least a Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card from the State of Arizona Department of Public of Safety.
Our lead coaches are either currently playing or have played at the professional level (NBA / Europe) and will have support from pro, semi-pro, or Elite College Athletes who can focus on skills, play, nutrition and mindset.