How Educational Travel Can Change Your Life

Educational travel can change your life. Seriously. People say traveling changes people, pushing them to grow into a better version of themselves. And, it’s true! Traveling aids personal development. From becoming more flexible, to gaining a global perspective, to learning to learn in the moment, the benefits of traveling are endless.

Educational travel, though, is a slightly different form of traveling. These trips are far more than glorified sightseeing tours (though those are great too!). Educational travel features a combination of strategically planned tours, active learning opportunities and activities focused on specific objectives.

This type of traveling is great for students in particular! Educational travel helps students see the world and expand their minds at a crucial time in their physical, mental and emotional development.

Here’s a look at 5 ways educational travel can change your life:

You become more flexible

Students learn to be flexible when traveling, a skill that’s so important to many aspects of life. When traveling, things don’t always go as planned. These unexpected situations force students to adapt to their new situation and go with the flow. Even the most meticulously planned educational travel programs may run into challenges. But, that’s part of the fun! Being able to continue moving forward in spite of unexpected obstacles becomes second nature after participating in an educational travel program!

You gain a global perspective

Traveling changes students perspective on the world. It’s so easy for youth to get caught up in their own world of school, social media and extracurricular activities. Being immersed in a new environment in another country reminds students that a world exists outside of their day-to-day life!

You accrue tons of stories to tell

Stories about adventures you had while traveling are the best stories! By the end of an education travel program, students often have tons of fun stories to tell. They can’t wait to get back home and share their experiences with their friends and family. People who may not have considered themselves or their lives interesting to begin with start to see themselves in a new light!

You become more interesting as a job applicant

Having the ability to think globally is a valuable skill in today’s world. Having an educational experience abroad can be a great way to make your CV or resume stand out!

You make friends from around the world

There’s nothing cooler than being able to say you have friends all over the world! Educational travel programs are great spaces to meet lifelong friends of different backgrounds. And, you can guarantee you’ll have at least one thing in common with everyone: the desire to travel and learn new things!

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