Youth Volleyball Camps- How They Make You Better On and Off The Court

Volleyball is a beautiful sport. From powerful spikes to seamless bumping and passing, volleyball brings people of all ages and backgrounds together, uniting them in love for the game.

Summertime is often the perfect time for young volleyball enthusiasts to work on their skills! Whether they’re working towards being team captain, making the varsity team, or simply want to be a better player, youth volleyball camps provide the ideal atmosphere for students to grow.

One of the best things about youth volleyball camps, and youth sports camps in general, is that they make you better both on and off the court.

Here’s a couple of the skills you learn at youth volleyball camps:


Communication is a much-needed skill to be successful in so many aspects of life. From being able to communicate in the workplace, to being able to be vulnerable with family and friends, knowing how to communicate effectively is key.

Youth sharpen their communication skills at volleyball camps through interacting with their teammates on the court. They have to let one another know who is open, where a ball is heading, and who’s going to hit the spike.

And, they can’t do it passively or quietly. They’ve got to get their point across quickly and confidently to be heard.


They say a little bit of humility goes a long way. They’re right! Volleyball camps teach students humility because they’re learning alongside new players, outside of their normal realm. Seeing a variety of skill levels helps players stay humble and remember that the world is so much bigger than their team or their league.


Students rarely get to spend several hours a day for weeks focusing on their volleyball skills. Between doing homework and spending time with family, their team’s practice may be the only time they get to work on their skills. But, at youth volleyball camps, players can give their full attention to their sport.

The discipline that comes from spending time working on volleyball skills daily is priceless. When students return to school, they can practice their newfound discipline on their homework and chores.

USA Youth Tour’s summer camp gives students all the benefits of youth volleyball camps, plus more! Students participate in a 3-week camp at Yavapai College’s beautiful campus in Northern Arizona. They can tailor their camp experience to one of six focus areas: volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, advanced English, and advanced computer science.

Additionally, our camp teaches students about more than sports and technology. Camp is a cultural experience too. Students will be surrounded by peers from around the world. They have the opportunity to learn from one another and celebrate their incredible diversity.

Students also have the option to travel, visiting iconic American sites including Disneyland and the Grand Canyon. Our summer camp truly is a comprehensive experience that keeps students coming back each year for more.

Want get more information about our amazing program? We’d love to tell you about it! Contact us today to learn more.

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