International Summer Camps: What To Look For

Imagine going to a new summer camp, packing your bags, saying goodbye (for now) to your family and heading out towards a new, international adventure. Parents, imagine sending your kids to  summer camp. Seeing their smiling faces as they waltz out the door. You smile inside, knowing you’ll have some peace and quiet in the house for a change! (Don’t worry, we know you’ll be yearning for the loud shouts over video games in a few days!)

International summer camps are a great option for parents and students. They can be incredible growing experiences. Though international summer camps come with their own unique set of challenges, they’re well worth it! There’s no adventure like going to summer camp in another country, being immersed in another culture and having loads of fun.

Here’s a list of the top four things to look for in international summer camps:

Cultural Experiences

International summer camps allow students to immerse themselves in new cultures. It’s important to look for international summer camps that have rich cultural experiences for students. Learning about other cultures shows students just how big the world is and just how many opportunities are out there for them.

USA Youth Tours summer camps are full of cultural experiences for students. From taking english language and culture classes, to opting for an additional package where students can visit iconic U.S. sites like the Grand Canyon and Disneyland, our camps make sure all of our students are getting the most out of their time in the U.S.

American students enjoy cultural experiences as well! By interacting with campers from across the globe, they learn about other cultures while attending camp in their home country. Some incredible friendships are born out of this kind of cultural exposure as students learn to appreciate and celebrate each others differences.

Trustworthy Leadership

Every parent wants their child to be safe at summer camp! This desire is often heightened with  international summer camps, since parents feel further away physically from their children. It’s important to look for camps with experienced, trustworthy leadership. You can evaluate a camp’s leadership by reading staff bio’s or by looking up reviews from previous camp participants.

Peter Ezugwu, USA Youth Tours’ founder and CEO created the camp after a long international professional basketball career. He’s brought together an amazing, international team that is passionate about youth development! You can read about our staff here.

Activities that Align With Your Student’s Interests

When looking for international summer camps, scour through camp itineraries to look for activities that align with your child’s interests. Whether it’s sports, language, dance or arts and crafts, look for a camp that has something you know your child will be excited about!

At USA Youth Tours, we allow students to tailor their camp experience to any one of six focus areas; basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, advanced English, and advanced computer science. We’ve got something for everybody.


Parents often cite safety as their number one concern for their child when it comes to international summer camps. No surprise there! It’s important to be confident your child will be safe at any camp you choose.

The best way to navigate this? Ask questions! Feel free to ask any summer camp you’re considering what precautions they take to keep students safe. This can give both you and your child the peace of mind you need to feel safe at an international camp.

We would love to share some of the things we do to keep our campers safe with you. At USA Youth Tours camps, students stay at Yavapai College in beautiful northern Arizona. Students eat in dining halls on campus and sleep in dormitories. Our staff is serious about camp safety!

If you keep these tips in mind as you browse International summer camps, you’re sure to find a great fit for you and your child. We’d love to tell you more about why USA Youth Tours summer camp is a great option for you. Contact us today and sign up to receive a free brochure on our website. Bon voyage!

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