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Anderlini Academic Camp

USA Youth Tours in Partnership with Anderlini Modena Summer Academic Camp: July 6-27

2018 Program: July 6-27

USA Youth Tours is dedicated to providing students an enriching academic experience. Our talented staff has worked with our organization for many years and is looking forward to working alongside your students.

During the three week program, foreign students will be immersed in English language and culture, helping to prepare them for future pursuits where these skills are highly desirable. At the same time, US-based students can accelerate their learning of a foreign language during our Conversational Foreign Language course.

STEM-based work around animation and web-design can be enhanced by additional computer electives, or the through the practice of Martial Arts and Chess which further teach and train the mind via focus, strategy and patience.

Specialized Classes

English: This class will look at how the English language is used both informally, conversationally and how it is applied in school/business.

Conversational Foreign Language: We will fast track student campers to one language and culture at a conversational level so students are prepared with the basics necessary to travel and speak at a high-level..

Animation and Web Design: Learn how to tell stories and create websites while working hands-0n with different software applications that bring your imagination to life.

STEM Survey Course: Study will include topics in animation, computer programming, robotics or coding

Archery: Learn how to excel in this sport that requires focus, strength and persistence.

Chess: More that just a game – this is about strategy! Practice and learn how to stay two steps ahead while playing this classic.

Martial Arts: Balance, core strength and focus are part of the practice and discipline that goes into the martial arts. You’ll work on basic techniques and hone your skills as you study inside this craft.

All of our elective courses are structured so that those who are brand new to the topic, or looking to improve their skills, will be able to enjoy the experience and walk away with new knowledge and abilities.

Incredible Trips

Earn well deserved breaks and join our main program for incredible trips to:

  • Disneyland
  • California Beaches
  • ASU College Tour
  • Las Vegas
  • Grand Canyon

Learn the science behind how the happiest place on earth makes the magic happen. Relax in the California sun. Tour an amazing college. Sight see in Las Vegas and experience the Grand Canyon. This trip is not to be missed. Learn more near the bottom of this page.


The program runs from July 6th to July 27th. To apply,  please complete the application form using your partner code and selecting Anderlini Modena Summer Camp from the program list.

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View a Typical Day & Trips


  • Morning Wake-up and Breakfast with Host Family (If applicable)


  • Check-in at Facility


  • GROUP A: Animation Class or Website Design
  • GROUP B: English Lessons or Foreign Language


  • GROUP A: Animation Class or Website Design
  • GROUP B: English Lessons or Foreign Language




  • GROUP A: Choose from Chess, Martial Arts, Archery or STEM Subject
  • GROUP B: Choose from Chess, Martial Arts, Archery or STEM Subject


  • GROUP A: Choose from Chess, Martial Arts, Archery or STEM Subject
  • GROUP B: Choose from Chess, Martial Arts, Archery or STEM Subject


  • End of Day

Head home or Relax and Visit with Host Families!

One of the most exciting features of our program is the weekend travel tour options. By adding this on to your summer package, you are providing your child the chance to explore and travel with their new friends across the southwest. This summer we have the following exciting trips and adventures planned:

#1 Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon

One of the 7 Wonders of the World – everyone should see this amazing landmark. Breathtaking in size and beauty, even teenagers are pretty impressed when they see this national park first hand. From there, our group continues north to Las Vegas. Think back to the first time you went, and you remember how unbelievable it is to see the hotel fronts along the main strip. We will see some of the best landmarks and provide unbelievable memories before heading back to Prescott and our dorms at Phoenix.

#2 Disneyland and Santa Monica Beach

Not your regular trip to Disneyland. We are participating in the Disney Education Series – and the Motions Physics Lab. What is that you ask? We’re going behind the scenes at California Adventure to learn how the rides are designed, built and run. After exploring the park from this unique vantage point – then it’s off to enjoy Disney fun and magic for the rest of the day! Of course no trip to California is complete without a visit to the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and the world famous pier. We’ll take in the boardwalk sites and sounds, enjoy fun in the sand and enjoy some much deserved downtime before heading back to Phoenix.

#3 ASU – College Campus Tour!

The #1 University for Innovation

We are pleased to have arranged a special tour of the beautiful main ASU campus for our students. Learn about all four, unique campus options and the hundreds of degree programs that ASU has to offer. It is never too early to start considering life as a Sun Devil – Go Sparky!

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