Why Attending A Summer Camp Abroad Is The Perfect Holiday Gift for Students

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be overwhelming for parents to prioritize finding great gifts for their children. Between juggling responsibilities at work and home, the holiday season brings both cheer and stress.

You may be tempted to follow in last years footsteps and purchase toys and electronics for the kids. But, If you’re looking to give your children a unique gift they’ll never forget this year, you should consider giving them the gift of a life-changing experience: attending a summer camp abroad.

Knowing they get to spend time in another country will give your kids something to look forward to in the new year. It also gives them an incentive to do well in school and be on their best behavior so they can spend their summer away from home.

Here’s a few reasons why signing your kids up for a summer camp abroad makes the perfect holiday gift:

Long-Term Impact

Compared to most tangible items, experience-based gifts have a longer life-span and a  long lasting impact. Attending a summer camp abroad comes with so many positive benefits in addition to getting away from home for a few weeks. Students can meet life-long friends, immerse themselves in another culture and explore new interests. Summer camps abroad introduce students to new experiences, ways of thinking, languages and activities. This exposure allows students to explore their interests and expand their minds, all while having fun!

Long-Lasting Memories

Have you ever bought something for your kids and noticed it neglected and forgotten about just a few weeks later? Giving your kids the gift of an experience guarantees that nothing will be forgotten about when the next big thing comes along. At summer camps abroad, students make memories that last a lifetime. It’s incredible how much growth can occur in a short period of time, particularly when students get out of their comfort zone. When you send your kids to a summer camp abroad, you and rest easy knowing that they will never forget it.

Time Away From Home

Let’s face it, sometimes kids just want to get away from home for a bit. Sometimes, parents need a little break too! Giving your kids the opportunity to attend a summer camp abroad allows them to spend time away from home in a productive, educational and fun way. Your kids won’t be able to stop thanking you for giving them some space.

USA Youth Tours has a well-established global summer program for students. The camp convenes at Yavapai College’s gorgeous campus in Northern Arizona each summer. At the camp, students play sports, take classes, learn English and bond with their peers. They even have the option to travel to some iconic American sites including Disneyland and the Grand Canyon! Learn more about our incredible program here and apply today!

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