Summer Camp for International Students in USA

Attending summer camp in the United States is an experience international students generally never forget. Spending time away from home, immersed in American culture. Who wouldn’t love that?

If you’ve been scouring the internet, typing summer camp for international students in USA into all of your favorite search engines, you should consider USA Youth Tours summer camp.

From July 6-27, 2018, students from around the world will call Phoenix Arizona home, laughing, learning, traveling and playing. Over the course of the 3-week camp, the campers will learn all about American culture.

Play, Play, Play

Campers will get the opportunity to tap into their inner “baller” at USA Youth Tours’ summer camp. They can choose to train with our expert coaches in soccer, basketball, volleyball, or soccer. Regardless of which sport they choose, students will sharpen their skills, grow as a player, and become better team members at our camp. Playing sports helps youth develop accountability, character, teamwork, and leadership skills. We love seeing our campers grow on the court and field as athletes and as people.

Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Some students may see going to summer camp as a much-welcomed opportunity to take a break from school. But, at USA Youth Tours’ summer camp, the learning continues!

USA Youth Tours program is an age-appropriate, educational curriculum for students. International students can prepare for the TOEFL test and engage other interests, including computer science and robotics.

Additionally, international students will study the English language and American culture. You won’t have to worry about the summer brain drain at our camp! Our courses make learning fun, keeping students sharp and engaged.

We also encourage students to start thinking about college! We take campers to explore Arizona State University which is Arizona’s top universities.

Travel to Iconic American Sites

We believe travel helps give students a global perspective and pushes them to grow as individuals. Our campers have the opportunity to go on weekend field trips to some of the most iconic sites in California and Arizona. No visit to California is complete without stopping by Disneyland! Students will get to explore Disneyland freely after learning about the science and physics behind the iconic park.

We’ll also take campers to see the surf in Santa Monica. Campers will get to rest and relax on Santa Monica beach, also known as muscle beach! Next on the list: the Grand Canyon! We will spend time exploring the gorgeous canyon and participating in trust-building activities.

Finally, students will spend time in the entertainment capital of the United States, Las Vegas.

How To Get More Information

If you’re interested in getting more information about USA Youth Tours, fill out our contact form today. One of our staff members will be in touch with you! If you’re ready to apply, fill out our application. We can’t wait to connect with you. Get ready for an amazing summer.

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