Top Student Travel Programs That Focus On Culture

Student travel programs allow bright, curious students to travel and learn about the world around them with other people their age. These programs bring students from around the world together to learn, grow, and challenge themselves.

There are all kinds of student travel programs out there. But, these student travel programs focus on culture, educating students on the rich cultures of their destinations. A cultural focus elevates students experience in these programs, making them return home as more knowledgeable, more cultured individuals.

Here’s a list of the top student travel programs that focus on culture:

USA Youth Tours Camps

USA Youth Tours camps give students a chance to travel, play sports and expand their education, all while immersing themselves in the English language and American culture. The camp’s diverse curriculum keeps students engaged and on their toes. Culture is embedded into every facet of this camp, with students taking daily English and American Culture classes. On the weekends, students who opt for an additional trips package get to travel to iconic sites in California and Arizona.

The summer camps attract students from across Europe, South America and the U.S., creating an atmosphere of cultural appreciation and learning.

Here’s an inside look at last year’s camp!

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High School Exchange Programs

High school exchange programs are a great way for students to travel and learn about new cultures. This type of student travel program typically places students with host families abroad. They attend high school in the new country, taking classes, learning the language and building strong bonds with their peers. High school exchange programs immerse students in the culture around them by allowing them to see, live and experience life in the new country not as a tourist, but, as an everyday person.

Spring Break Trips

Students of all ages look forward to spring break! The week long vacation from school gives students a chance to take a break from their studies, stay up late and have fun! Many companies offer spring break trips for students focused on travel, community service, and learning. These trips are a great way to keep students engaged during their break from school!

Summer Excursions

Summer excursions are arguably one of the most effective forms of student travel programs. During the summer, students are free from the worries that come with being in school. Free to focus on their other interest, students can give all of their attention to learning and traveling on summer excursions.

These programs can range anywhere from a few weeks to the entire summer! Students can immerse themselves in the culture around them through trips, activities and cultural immersion throughout the summer.

Student travel programs are great experiences for students! Programs that focus on culture? Even better.

We would love to give you more information about why USA Youth Tours summer camps are top student travel programs. Contact us today to learn more!


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