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Academic Camp

2020 Program: July 5-26

USA Youth Tours is dedicated to providing students an enriching academic experience. Our talented staff has worked with our organization for many years and is looking forward to working alongside your students.

During the three week program, foreign students will be immersed in English language and culture, helping to prepare them for future pursuits where these skills are highly desirable. We will work to customize the experience to the needs and level of each student, with an overall focus on five-section English test which is many of the student wish to pass so they can be accepted into University.

Program work will include: reading, vocabulary, idiom use, and grammar. The students will also go on frequent field trips to explore culture, science, Arizona and US History and the application of the course work in daily life.

Specialized Classes

English: This class will look at how the English language is used both informally, conversationally and how it is applied in school/business.

Conversational Foreign Language: We will fast track student campers to one language and culture at a conversational level so students are prepared with the basics necessary to travel and speak at a high-level..

Reading and Comprehension Strategies:  Application of the language for understanding through context and subtext. This will include formal and informal usage, including application in everyday life through travel and hands-on exposure.

US Culture and Experience: Field trips to various historic sites, cultural activities, and entertainment venues to apply the classroom learning around language and usage.

Incredible Trips

Earn well deserved breaks with incredible trips to:

  • Las Vegas
  • Santa Monica and Venice Beach
  • Hollywood Blvd and TCL Chinese Theatre
  • Universal Studios

Relax in the sun and enjoy the beauty of Los Angeles, California. Explore the fun and excitement along Santa Monica Pier. Check out the views of the Pacific Ocean from  Venice Beach. Enjoy behind the scenes action at Universal Studios. And, experience the not to be missed Las Vegas strip where we will attend the summer basketball tournament.


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$4,999 covers the academic program with field trips, weekend trips and flight.

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View a Typical Day & Trips


  • Morning Wake-up and Breakfast with Host Family


  • Check-in at Facility

9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Morning coursework – Language, Reading & Comprehension, Grammar


  • LUNCH – May be in facility or outside for field trip and coursework application!

1:00pm – 4:45pm 

  • Class Day: Hands on learning and application
  • Field Trip Days: Visit local attractions such as Arizona Science Museum, Kartchner Caverns, Tuzigoot Ruins, Montezuma’s Well,  and The Butterfly Museum


  • End of Day – Head home and relax with your Host Family

One of the most exciting features of our program is the weekend travel tours.  A welcome break after a long week of practice or academics, these are always enjoyed by every student. We’ve got two great trips planned for this year:

#1 Las Vegas

From Phoenix, it’s just a short drive to Las Vegas. Think back to the first time you went, and you remember how unbelievable it is to see the hotel fronts along the main strip. We will see some of the best landmarks and even enjoy one of the best summer basketball tournaments before we head back down to Phoenix for another great week of camp.

#2 Los Angeles – including Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and Universal Studios

Los Angeles is an amazing coastal city with much to offer, including a great break from the heat. We’ll enjoy beautiful Venice Beach – a great place to watch surfers and shop along the famous Santa Monica Pier. We’ll also head over to Universal Studios to see behind the scenes of your favorite films, and then find famous names from the industry immortalized in their stars along Hollywood Blvd.

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